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Photo by Annie Tritt
Photo by Annie Tritt

Globally recognized as Hollywood’s first openly gay actor, and then following an announcement on Entertainment Tonight as the first actor in Hollywood to come out as HIV-positive, Michael Kearns has been a provocative and impassioned voice in the cultural and artistic landscape of America and beyond for nearly fifty years. In addition to teaching private and group writing classes, Kearns is presently an Artistic Associate at the esteemed Skylight Theatre in Los Angeles, Artist-in-Residence at Housing Works, and Artistic Director of QueerWise, a Spoken Word Collective he founded in 2011.

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by Michael Kearns
Bay Area Reporter. 3 Queer Eras. Before, During, After a Crisis. Iconic photos and reporting celebrates 50 years From soaring joy to deep grief, beaming pride to livid outrage, the journalists and photographers of the Bay Area Reporter (B.A.R.) have captured the entire range of human emotions for five decades. They have intently, and often artfully, documented San Francisco’s LGBTQ breaking news, celebrated city milestones, crafted critically acclaimed cover stories, publicized parties, shaped public opinion,
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In 1976 I had afternoon tea with Mae West at the Ravenswood where she lived. (Originally recorded for Library Girl April 14, 2021.)
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While the books written by Kearns may be initially categorized as “theatre books”, don’t be fooled by that limited description. His books contain multitudes, capturing the human condition, often at its most extreme. Who’s Afraid of Michael Kearns? is his eighth book and follows the same exploration of what it’s like to be human in a world that is challenged by unspeakable tragedy that hovers over his the lives of his characters. His first book,
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Nurtured. Supported. Listened. Applauded. Hugged. Modeled. Advised. Inspired. These are only a few of the actions these five women performed during their lifetimes, actions that have shaped me, remembrances that linger in my being, lessons that get me through the day. Each of them left a stamp, an impression that sometimes feels like stigmata where they helped me overcome pain that threatened my well being. Other times, it’s as if they have anointed me with
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Gay author/actor Michael Kearns (who’s been on “Cheers,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “The Waltons,” “Knots Landing” et. al. and has said in interviews and books he had sex with Rock Hudson and Barry Manilow) says Richard deserves a more compassionate assessment. “I don’t know how much gay sex he was having, but for me it was all about him having such a gay persona,” Kearns says…(READ THE FULL STORY ON THE WASHINGTON BLADE)
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