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Not Another Podcast

“Trace and Miggs Burroughs speak with the incredibly engaging, witty and passionate actor Michael Kearns, who made news in the 1970s as being the first Hollywood actor to come out as being gay. He pulls back the curtain on Hollywood, some of its players, the

Animal Farm Podcast, EP 40

  Perhaps one of the most cherished men of the Los Angeles theatre is Steven Leigh Morris, a playwright, novelist, and theatre critic whose crisp intellect and unwavering energy has given him a powerful voice on the cultural landscape. And I was lucky enough to

Bidding adieu to the inspiring Mart Crowley

“…If we…if we could just…not hate ourselves so much. That’s it, you know. If we could just learn not to hate ourselves quite so very much.” Perhaps it’s that line, spoken in the final moments of The Boys in the Band — written by Mart